Wise Wonders is designed to be enjoyed by families with young children. Exhibits and educational content are planned to be appropriate for children ages one to 13. The following rules have been developed and are enforced to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our visitors. If you see something that concerns you, please alert Museum Staff immediately.

Guests are required to comply with Wise Wonders Children's Museum staff instructions and/or directives with respect to Museum policies.


Adults are not permitted to enter the Museum without children. Adults wishing to visit the Museum can request a brief tour based on staff availability. Please call Amie Williams ahead of time to make an appointment. Adults meeting their family or friends already inside the Museum must purchase general admission or show their membership card. Business visitors must check in with visitor services staff at the front desk.


Children under 18 are not permitted in the Museum without adult supervision. Adults are classified as anyone 18 and older. The Museum asks that adults stay with children at all times.


Children must be supervised at all times. No staff member can take the place of adult supervision. Child drop-offs are not permitted.


Rough-housing with exhibits and/or other people is not permitted. Disruptive, disrespectful and/or abusive behavior will result in the visitor being asked to leave the Museum immediately without refund, and may be grounds for revoking Museum membership.


We ask that children with an elevated temperature, illness that may be contagious (such as pink eye or flu) or who are too sick to go to school not visit the Museum for the safety of our visitors and staff.


Food is not allowed in the Museum. Please eat in Ebon seating area. Drinks with lids, such as sippy cups and infant bottles, are allowed. Food is permitted as part of a museum birthday party or field trip package.


We request that each visitor has at least a pair of socks on at all times. 


Bathrooms are for Museum visitors only.


Visitors are required to wear proper attire. This includes: tops, bottoms and socks/shoes that are appropriate for a family facility.


For the safety of all our visitors, the Museum does not permit weapons of any kind inside the building. Visitors carrying weapons will be asked to leave. According to the Montana Department of Justice, the owner or proprietor of a property may prohibit all weapons on that property. Uniformed police officers are the exception.


The Museum is an alcohol-free, drug-free and tobacco-free, (including e-cigarettes and vaping), facility.


Service animals are permitted inside the building.