Let's Make Paleo Art!


The Challenge

Did you know that anyone can be a scientist, even you? Wise Wonders, in collaboration with other organizations including us here at ZooMontana, is putting together weekly challenges to help you work your brain while having fun! Enjoy our February Challenge: This month is all about little-known scientists who made big impacts in their fields, and Mary Anning is definitely one of the top folks who kickstarted the field of Paleontology in the 1800’s. After learning a little about how she influenced the field, you’ll get to try your hand at being a Paleo Artist. Have fun and let us know how it goes!

Practice sketching skulls with a fun activity. Choose from several features: skull length, vision type, orbital size, length of nasal passage, teeth function and type, and size of auditory bullae.

Mary Anning

It's time to give a nod to a truly inspirational woman in the field of paleontology! 

Mary Anning (1799-1847) was born in Lyme Regis, in Great Britain. Where she lived, there were many, many prehistoric fossils. After a series of life events, including her fossil-hunting husband's death, she took over the family expertise/business in fossils. She made many important discoveries that have helped modern day paleontologists, including that of the plesiosaur, a marine reptile from the Jurassic period! During this time, many women's accomplishments in the field of paleontology and science went unacknowledged, and so many of her cool finds ended up in museums with no credit given! It's important that we now honor her legacy! 

Source: https://ucmp.berkeley.edu/history/anning.html