We are Growing!

We are Planning for the Future

As Wise Wonders Science & Discovery Museum prepares for the remainder of 2020, it is with recognition that we are not simply marking another year – we are beginning a journey. We are evolving from our roots as a children’s museum into a museum of science and discovery for everyone. We want to build exhibits and programming, as well as partnerships, to enrich us all. We are building a museum experience that will truly appeal to all ages – young children, growing youth, and the young at heart.

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We're Making the Museum of Tomorrow, Today

The cornerstone of any successful Science and Discovery museum is the hands-on, interactive exhibits. With your help, we will grow our exhibit collection, and implement a fully functional exhibit development program.

  • The Makerspace will be an area where visitors engage with technology to play, learn, build, imagine, and modify the world around us.
  • In the workshop, we will provide a space for young adults to explore the practical applications of science, technology, design and engineering.
  • Our main museum space will play host to new and unique exhibits that will inspire all ages to explore science and the world around them.

Please let us know how you want to get involved in our exhibit collection at Wise Wonders. Whether you are interested in helping to purchase an exhibit, or growing our development program, your financial support will allow us take the next step in our journey.