'The Root of It' Nature Walk


Do you ever pine for more information on our local conifers?

Join us at ZOOMontana, on September 26, 2020, to learn about more than just ponderosas! We'll be doing a nature walk that is sure to spruce up your knowledge of the trees that make up Montana's forests. This event is part of Wise Wonders' STEM Planet Series, and it is free! Online registration is required, so make sure to save your spot. 

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Fun facts about trees you can impress your friends with

  • The largest living organism in the world (by mass) is an aspen grove in Utah. Named Pando, it is a grove of clones that have lived together for potentially thousands of years. [1]
  • The oldest living trees are bristlecone pines. Found in the Great Basin region of the United States, bristlecones can live to upwards of 5000 years, which is older than recorded history! [2]
  • The largest tree (by volume) is General Sherman, but it isn't the widest, tallest, or oldest. General Sherman is the heaviest individual tree, but it falls short compared to other tree species in other parts of the world. [3]