Americorps vistas

Americorps vistas

The Wise Wonders Children's Museum is proud supporter and participant of AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers. AmeriCorps is a national volunteer service supported by the U.S. federal government, foundations, corporations, and other donors with a goal of "helping others and meeting critical needs in the community." To learn more about AmeriCorps, click here. To learn more about VISTA, an AmeriCorps program that focuses on building capacity for non-profit organizations that aid people struggling with poverty, click here.

I'm Benjamin Page, a VISTA Summer Associate for 2018. I came all the way from Chicago, Illinois to help improve Wise Wonders, and I'm a huge fan of science! I always had a serious love for STEM because my dad was a geologist and my mom was a librarian. When I started learning to become a teacher, I made sure to put that love to work! My favorite part of Wise Wonders has to be the Summer Camp activities and weekly STEAM activities we do-- it's great having a chance to show something interesting to people, especially if they can take it home with them!"

Jordan is an AmeriCorps VISTA from Vermont where he attended Green Mountain College and worked in tech support. He will be serving as a volunteer for Wise Wonders until August 2018. Jordan enjoys using his background in technology. So far, he has set up our Raspberry Pis, our 3D printer, the Time Machine Exhibit, and helped design our new website.

Veronica is an AmeriCorps volunteer from Pennsylvania who graduated with a bachelors in Library and Archival Sciences in 2016. She is excited to be helping a children's museum that is so dedicated to its community.

Raquel Zepeda served her AmeriCorps VISTA term during the summer of 2016. Back home in California, Raquel worked as a teacher. She spent her service building and leading the Wise Wonders summer camps, outreach events and programs.

Thomas Giallella graduated from UCF in Florida. He served his AmeriCorps VISTA term during the summer of 2016. Thomas spent his service building and leading the Wise Wonders summer camps, outreach events and programs. After AmeriCorps, Thomas plans to take a camping tour of national parks.

Morgan Gastineau is oringinally from Florida. She served as an AmeriCorps VISTA from July 2016 to July 2017, and during that time she expanded the Museum's outreach, communications, marketing, programming, and more.

Apryl moved all the way from Grand Rapids, MI to serve at the Wise Wonders because she loves helping kids explore the wide world of science. She loves Wise Wonders because she believes it takes a certain level of order and chaos to appreciate how "stuff" works. Not only is she super passionate about science but she also loves acting, TedTalks and probably every Kevin Costner film ever made.