Wise Wonders Kickin' Kits

Flaming Biscuits Check Out This Kit!

Welcome to Wise Wonders' Kickin' Kits! We offer a variety of kits, some which are for purchase and some that are for rent. It says below the kit thumbnail if the kit is for rent, otherwise it is for you to keep! Our offerings include schooling supplements (good for kids who aren't getting enough science in school or homeschoolers who want to STEAM up their lessons), educational board games, and teacher kits for school teachers and educational professionals. Teachers can inquire about our selection by filling out this contact form.

We provide our rentals for two weeks from the date the rental is picked up. You can pick up your rental on one of the following dates at the following times:  Tuesdays 2PM - 4PM & Thursdays 2PM - 4PM.

All board games are due back within 14 days of their pick-up date. To return items, please drop them off during the pick-up times of 2PM-4PM Tuesdays & Thursdays. If you are unable to make those hours, please contact ffink@wisewonders.org to set up a drop-off time.

Are you looking for teacher resources?

Then look no further! Fill out this contact form and we will follow up with our catalog of materials that you can rent to supplement your in-class or out-of-class experience, based on grade level(s). Please note that these kits are specifically available for educational professionals and are not available for in home use.